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Zanzibar Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP) is a National Community based project initiated by Tanzania Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) and Tanzania Internet Service Providers Association (TISPA) since 2012, its main aim is to localise local internet traffic, the peering operation started in may 2018 with three peers (Zanlink, ComNet and Halotel), then followed by others and make them nine.

The ZIXP infrastructure is currently hosted at Kilimani, Manara wa Mbao, the old tritel building and current ComNet office, on its own equipment room, the location is neutral and secure. The bellow ISP already Connected;

  1. ZanzibarConnect
  2. Zanlink
  3. Vodacom PLC
  4. Tanzania Telecommunication Co. Ltd ( TTCL)
  5. Airtel Tanzania Ltd
  6. Zantel Tanzania Ltd
  7. Halotel PLC
  8. WIA Company Ltd
  9. Tigo Tanzania Ltd

ZIXP traffic has increased Aggregated traffic often spikes to 32Mbps. Almost each day traffic is sustained at around 1.5Mbps. Facilities All switch ports are 1000Mbps, peers are encouraged to make full use, namely ensure routers and backhauls are of same capability.

Graph and Traffic Statistics

Important Events

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